An introduction of WordPress block editor

WordPress block editor is also known as Gutenberg is a complete rewrite of WordPress modern editor. It’s being built with React powered interface with modern JavaScript and current tooling (Babel.js, Webpack, npm). With Gutenberg, editors will have a better visualization of what a post will look like on the front end of their site.

Editing a WordPress page or post meant tweaking its title, body and custom fields. With blocks editor, this logic changes completely and it introduces the concept of blocks. Blocks are standalone, isolated and dynamic user interface components that are added dynamically through the wp-admin.

Using new blocks editor there are many benefits in a different section. The theme development process will be more modularized, better maintenance and editing. also, you have to use the editor’s default class.

  • Developers and agencies will be able to create interactive templates that clients can easily update without breaking things or dealing with custom post types.
  • Plugin developers will be able to completely integrate into every part of WordPress. Ιncluding posts, pages, custom post types, and sidebars without having to hack TinyMCE or squeeze their entire feature behind a toolbar button.
  • Theme developers won’t need to bundle tons of plugins or create their own page builders. There’ll be a standard, portable way to create rich layouts for posts and guide people through setup right in the interface. Νo 20-step tutorials or long videos needed.
  • Core developers will be able to work in modern technologies and not worry about 15 years of backward compatibility.
  • Users will finally be able to create the sites they build with their imagination. They’ll be able to do things on mobile they’ve never done before. They’ll never have to see a shortcode again. Text pasted from Word will get cleaned up and converted to blocks automatically and instantly.

Official blocks editor Guides & Resources

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